Your Guide to Celebrity Impersonation Entertainment

Thanks for stopping by… head on over to our catalog of impersonations done by our very own Jeff Tracta here.

Whether you’re searching for the best celebrity impressionist comedian, or simply to see a wildly talented entertainer perform, take a look around our site; you won’t be disappointed.  Jeff has impersonated some of the world’s greatest performers and consequently has risen to the top of the entertainment world himself.  Not only does Jeff regularly get booked at some of the largest corporate events on the planet, he also is a regular on some of the most prestigious cruise lines and lets not forget about his ability to woo the crowd in Las Vegas at the LV Hotel & Casino.  He has appeared on almost every late night talk show on television; from jay leno to conan O’brien to David Letterman.  Tracta isn’t a new performer, he has been making his rounds through the entertainment industry for almost 20 years now.

One of the most impressive aspects of Tracta’s show is that he can impersonator an entire band at the same time… his N’Sync show features (through video editing) Tracta singing as all 5 members of the boy band….simultaneously.  It truly is something to marvel at.

Not only does Jeff engage with audience members that are older through his impersonations of elvis, tv land tv shows, and other old time performers, he also is extremely relevant for his younger audiences through his renditions of Cee lo green, as well as many other modern actors and performers.

If you are ever in Las Vegas, be sure to stop by one of his shows… it makes a great date night or a family night to take your kids to.